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Listed below are stories for which activities have been written. They are provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you do not have software on your machine for reading PDF files click here to download a free version.

Come On Out And Play: Bear has a party, even though no one plans on coming. A story about believing in what you do, and who you are. Story guide and discussion questions are included. 

Sarah's Story: Sarah has to tell a story in class, but doesn't know any. This story is about finding a story, and a reminder that all of us have interesting stories to tell and share. Includes a story guide and discussion questions. 

Weezie and the Moonpies: The story of a boy's ingenuity in protecting himself, his friend and younger sister. Includes a story guide and discussion questions on various topics including sibling relationships, bullies, alternative ways of dealing with conflict, and story structure. 

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Soap Soap (from Wacka Wacka Woo):This lesson sent to us by David Sidwell is about story structure and is good for all ages.