Find a Station near you:

 We Like Kids on KRNN 
 Sundays 10-11am 
 Halfway Down the Stairs on KPFK 
 90.7Los Angeles 
 98.7Santa Barbara County 
 Saturday 8-9am 
 Kidzone on KZFR 
 *KIDZONE is a mix of music, science, history, fun, and talk. 
 Friday at 7pm 
 Brent & Woofy Radio Show 
 Sunday 8:30-9am 
 The Carousel on WPKN 
 1st, 3rd, 5th Saturday of the month 6-8:45am 
 The Flying Cow Family Hour on WBCX 
 *Listen to them 
 Saturday 9-10am 
 The Kids are Alright on AM 1690 
 *Join your host Amy as she cranks out the greatest kidís music for the entire family! 
 Saturday 9-10am; Sunday 12-1pm 
 WNUR Folk Show 
 *They play adult and children's music and you can listen to them online. 
 Sunday 10am-Noon 
 Rachel's Fun Time Radio on WITT 
 *Learn more about Rachel and her show at 
 Sunday 12-12:30pm 
 Kids Radio Mania on KDPS 
 88.1Des Moines 
 *Visit Crazy Dave's webpage: 
 Saturday 7am-10pm
Sunday 7am-6pm 
 A Time for Tales on WMKY 
 Sunday 4-5pm 
 Ages 3 and up on WRFL 
 88.1Lexington, KY 
 *"The place where three really IS a magic number!" Visit their blog: 
 Saturday 8-9am 
 The Kids Show on WTUL 
 91.5New Orleans 
 Saturday 8-10am 
 Chickens R People 2 on WMPG 
 90.9 & 104.1Portland 
 *WMPG has a new program called "The Tweenlight Zone" which is aimed at 8-14 year olds and follows CRP2 from 9-10. 
 Saturday 8-9am 
 Playground on WERS 
 Saturday & Sunday 5-8pm 
 Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child on WXOJ and WRSI 
 101.5Brattleboro, VT: 
 *Visit their blog: 
 Saturdays 7-9am (WXOJ) & 8-10am (WRSI) 
 Hilltown Family Variety Show on WXOJ 
 *Check out their blog: 
 Saturday 9-10am 
 Musical Merry-Go-Round 
 88.1St Louis 
 Saturday 7 to 9am 
 The Pea Green Boat 
 89.1Missoula (KUFM) 
 89.9Kalispell (KUKL) 
 89.9Great Falls (KGPR) 
 91.1Swan Lake (K216BE) 
 91.3Butte (KAPC) 
 91.5North Missoula (K218AI) 
 91.7Helena (KUHM) 
 91.7Dillon (K219CS) 
 91.7Whitefish (K219BN) 
 91.9Hamilton (KUFN) 
 107.1Marysville (K296BI) 
 Monday thru Friday 4-5pm 
 Children's Corner 
 89.1Missoula (KUFM) 
 89.9Kalispell (KUKL) 
 89.9Great Falls (KGPR) 
 91.1Swan Lake (K216BE) 
 91.3Butte (KAPC) 
 91.5North Missoula (K218AI) 
 91.7Helena (KUHM) 
 91.7Dillon (K219CS) 
 91.7Whitefish (K219BN) 
 91.9Hamilton (KUFN) 
 107.1Marysville (K296BI) 
 Saturdays 7-9am 
 New Jersey 
 All-Ages Show on WPRB 
 Saturday 11am (and various other times) 
 Imagination Parade on WFDU 
 Sunday 9-10am 
 New Mexico 
 Children's Radio Hour on KUNM 
 Saturday 9am 
 91.9Astoria (KUMN) 
 89.5Tillamook (KTCB) 
 Saturday 11am-12pm 
 The Saturday Light Brigade 
 88.3Pittsburgh (WRCT) 
 91.1Grove City (WSAJ) 
 90.1Indiana (WIUP) 
 91.7Washington (WNJR) 
 Saturday 6am to noon 
 Kids Corner on WXPN 
 104.9Lehigh Valley 
 *It's possible to pick up the show in parts of New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland 
 Monday-Thursday 7-8pm 
 Rhode Island 
 Children's Show on WRIU 
 *You can hear old and new music for kids (and kids-at-heart), novelty tunes, TV themes and all sorts of neat stuff. 
 Sunday 5-8pm 
 The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl on WAWL 
 *A radio show just for kids. Check their blog 
 Saturday 8-10am 
 The Kidstuff Show on WDVX 
 *The last Saturday of month, everyone is invited to join the audience at the Knoxville Visitorís Center for our free live performance edition. 
 Saturday 10-11am 
 Rachel's Fun Time Radio on WRFN 
 *Learn more about Rachel and her show at 
 Sunday 6am; Wednesday 4:30pm 
 Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child on WRSI and WXOJ 
 93.9Northampton, MA: 
 103.3Northampton, MA: 
 Saturday 7-9am 
 The Monkey and Mama Show on WVEW 
 *Music, stories and poetry for children, those who care for them and anyone else 
 Friday Noon to 1pm 
 Hickory Dickory Dock on WUVT 
 Saturday 9-11am 
 Tell Us A Tale on WTJU 
 *Also syndicated; visit their website: 
 Sunday Noon 
 Nacho Celtic on KPBX 
 Sunday 2-3pm 
 Globabl Griot on KSER 
 90.7 FMEverett 
 *Stories & music from around the world, hosted by Mary D 
 Sunday 9am 
 greenarrowradio on WSUM 
 *Not really a kids program; they play a lot of different music, so you never know what you'll get 
 Saturday 9am to Noon