Available October 3, 2014!!!

Bill Harley has been telling stories on stages across the country since he first drove down to Jonesboro, Tennessee in 1981 for the National Storytelling Festival. This live album of songs and stories was recorded in Jonesboro during Bill's week as Teller in Residence, in spring of 2014. Featured are fan favorites – Neanderthal Boys (aka Happy Pappy Day) about raising teenage sons, Happy Man's Shirt – a retelling of a story learned from Duncan Williamson, Yeast Rolls – an ode to his grandmother’s Thanksgiving baking, and the title poem Nothing For Granted. Filled with his trademark wit, wisdom and attention to detail these stories and songs will be good company – a reminder of your own stories, memories and gifts.

  "Bill Harley combines wry observation with well-crafted folk, pop, and rock music to tell tales that tickle the funny bone and tease the brain." Boston Globe  
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