Ages 8-12
Charlie Bumpers vs. the Perfect Little Turkey - Book 4  

"There are lots of good things about Thanksgiving. Like no school. And my grandparents coming. And the stuffing my mom makes. And the rolls my grandmother always brings, which are the absolute best food on the planet."


"A great story with lots of fun characters and events, that will teach children about what family is all about." Carla J via Goodreads

  Charlie is looking forward to the big Thanksgiving gathering at his house this year, but he's having trouble being a polite host to his super-annoying little cousin Chip. It's Thanksgiving in the Bumpers household and Charlie has to be the perfect host to his annoying little cousin, Chip. Chip makes everything hard for Charlie gets him in trouble, ruins his things, and generally makes a nuisance of himself. On top of that, for homework, Mrs. Burke has assigned Charlie the task of writing what a family is to him. How will Charlie be able to see past his turkey of a cousin to understand the real meaning of family?  



"A rollicking, rambunctious adventure" The Midwest Book Review Children's Book Watch

"It's the story of an ordinary kid in the midst of the chaos of extended family and friends, coping with a difficult cousin and, ultimately, bonding with his own siblings... a great read for any early elementary schooler this fall, prior to the Thanksgiving holiday." Jen Robinson's Book Page




Junior Library Guild Selection

2016-2017 Club Tome It List Grades 4-5

2016 Massachusetts Award Must Read

2017-2018 Land of Enchantment Book Award Nominee (NM)