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Blah Blah Blah

Grammy WINNER, 2006 Parents' Choice Gold, Storytelling World Award for "Joey, Chloe and the Swamp Monsters", 2006 NAPPA Honors
CD ON SALE!!!$10.00

Here it is! The recording fans have been asking for! A recording that contains the hilarious and completely captivating tale of Dirty Joe, a pirate who steals socks and his equally odious sister, Stinky Annie, who steals underwear.

Also on this recording is an audio version of "Joey, Chloe, and the Swamp Monsters" (previously only available on the video Who Made This Mess, "The King of the Clams" and the song story, "Bow Wow Wow."

Click here to read the lyrics to "The Ballad of Dirty Joe"

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The Ballad of Dirty Joe 
King of the Clams 
Bow Wow Wow 
Joey, Chloe and the Swamp Monsters 
Blah Blah Blah - Full Album Download

Reviews & Memorable Quotes

"Another virtuoso performance by one-man dynamo Bill Harley. You'll never look at clams or pirates the same way again. Keep this hilarious CD at the ready in your car for the inevitable requests." NAPPA

"Some people say that Bill Harley never grew up. We're glad to hear it. Here he delivers tall tales that are out of this world fun.
As a rule, the expression 'Blah, Blah, Blah,' is a big red flag that the speaker is droning on and the listener is tuning out.
The first signal that this CD puts a new spin on things is the title. Of his latest collection Harley says: 'If this recording [Blah Blah Blah] were a book, it would be a comic book - the characters are bigger than life, and there's some fantasy in every story told.' In these stories, Harley conjures up worlds of Pirates, Giant Clams, Dogs and Dirty Sneakers. The stories are funny; sometimes they're hands-on-face with fingers spread, spooky-scary-story frightening. His characters come straight from the memories of your fourth grade class and his spot-on delivery is confirmation that Bill Harley really and truly honest to goodness cross your heart knows what makes kids laugh." Parents' Choice

"Bill Harley has been helping my children fall asleep with a smile on their faces for three years. When we heard that 'The Ballad of Dirty Joe' was going to be available on CD this autumn, we waited with eager anticipation, and it was big news around our house when we received the announcement that it had been released. The whole Blah Blah Blah CD is fantastic. I asked my children for some adjectives to describe it, and they said, "Fun!" and "Great!" And when I asked which was their favorite story, they honestly couldn't decide. They've listened to the CD every other night (alternating with One More Time) since we received it a couple of weeks ago. One More Time is great, too, a nice combination of many favorite songs and some we didn't know. I have found myself more than once kissing my children good night in the dark and whispering "Nighty Noodles," and hearing back, "Nighty Noodles, Mama." Thank you, Mr. Harley, for being a very special part of our lives." The Elkort Family

"Those bewildered adults who still can't figure out what albums to buy their kids (and who are still hung up on new releases) can do well with a couple of newbies from Bill Harley. Blah Blah Blah shows this master storyteller at his best, with stories about clams, swamp monsters, pirates, and dogs. Pair it with One More Time, an outstanding collection of favorite songs and stories, including Alicia and the Little Monster. Bill Harley is a national treasure." ---MetroKids


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