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Play It Again

Parents Choice Gold Award
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One of our most popular albums. A "best of" with favorite songs from Bill's earliest recordings and the new classic story about Charlene - the Skunk in the middle!

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Big Big World Read$1.00 
Wacka Wacka Woo Read$1.00 
Cool in School Read$1.00 
Monsters in the Bathroom Read$1.00 
Sitting Down to Eat Read$1.00 
Dad Threw the TV Out the Window Read$1.00 
There Goes My Brother Again Read$1.00 
So Long My Mom Read$1.00 
Black Socks Read$1.00 
50 Ways to Fool Your Mother Read$1.00 
Is Not Is Too Read$1.00 
You're in Trouble Read$1.00 
You're Not the Boss of Me 
Moon and Me Read$1.00 
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Reviews & Memorable Quotes

"Go find this guy! Harley has the heart of a child and a love of life we can all share." L.A. Parent Magazine

Dear Bill;
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful gift of storytelling and music that you've been sharing with our family through your CD's.
We had never heard of you, until my sister-in-law sent a copy of "Play it Again" to my children as a Christmas gift 3 years ago. The CD was an instant hit with my kids, and we just had to get more...it turns out that you are a hit with us as parents, too. We play your CD's frequently, especially in the car, and "Battle of the Mad Scientists" has inspired my kids to produce more than one crazy play.
It's refreshing to find someone interested in producing quality entertainment for kids (and adults alike), and almost unheard of that there's no profanity, innuendo, or stuff you hope your kid doesn't repeat while in church on your CD's.
Thanks again!
Daniel, Trisha, David (age 10), Stephen (age 8), & Rebekah (age 6)

"I would like to say my family and I (well the kids) loved the story called 'You're Not the Boss of Me'... Your Friend," Brittiny


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