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It's Not Fair to Me

Parents' Choice Recommended, NAPPA Gold Award, 2013 Booklist Editors' Choice, ALSC 2014 Notable Children's Recording

Bill Harley and Keith Munslow bring years of performing and friendship to It's Not Fair to Me, a wacky collection of songs that showcase a wide range of styles and topics that find them at their songwriting and performing best.

It's Not Fair to Me Read$1.00 
Stinkeye Read$1.00 
My Eraser Read$1.00 
Everybody's a Baby 'Bout Something Read$1.00 
Swimming Read$1.00 
Dog Named Bo Read$1.00 
Copycat Read$1.00 
Give Me Back My Hat Read$1.00 
He Got Up Again Read$1.00 
Hideous Sweater Read$1.00 
It's Not Fair to Me - Full Album

Reviews & Memorable Quotes

"The pair have the superb timing and chemistry of old-time vaudevillians, and a finely honed sense of what makes kids laugh." Providence Journal

"Harley and Munslow are, as the kids say these days, 'brothers from another mother.'" Zooglobble

"This new cd has a boatload of songs the kids will enjoy, but the really fun part is, the parents will enjoy the wit and humor the lyrics bring about." Mom Blog Society

"If you're a fan of great kids music or have a kid that has a particular interest in listening to music, but don't want them messing around with the tuner, be a pal and grab this for them. It's absolutely brilliant stuff. I highly recommend. You'll end up loving it as well. Enjoy." Shakefire

"An entertaining album that will have listeners rolling on the floor laughing." School Library Journal

"Where Harley stops and Munslow begins is difficult to determine, so seamlessly do they merge their songwriting, arranging, and performing talents as they needle, tease, and joke their way through the engaging songs." Booklist

"Ace children's singer-songwriter-storyteller Bill Harley teams up with his talented counterpart and friend Keith Munslow for humorous, rambunctious and tuneful takes on subjects close to a kid's heart" Parents' Choice Awards

"Longtime friends Harley and Munslow open their first collaboration with the title track - a hilarious duet about childhood "injustices" that ranks as one of the year's top songs. The album's other nine tunes, from "Stinkeye" to "Hideous Sweater," also excel at being smart and funny looks at being a kid.
Fun for the entire family."NAPPA


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