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Monsters in the Bathroom

AFIM Nominee
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Bill's first recording and still one of his most popular! This collection of songs and stories captures the vibrant energy of his live performances.

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Black Socks Read$1.00 
What's the Matter with You Read$1.00 
Monsters in the Bathroom Read$1.00 
When I Grow Up Read$1.00 
That's What Friends Are For Read$1.00 
Freddy the Fly Eating Frog Read$1.00 
The Billboard Song Read$1.00 
The Freedom Bird 
I'm Not Small Read$1.00 
Monsters in the Bathroom - Full Album Download

Reviews & Memorable Quotes

"Many of the selections leave the listeners with the feeling of having learned or relearned a profitable lesson---without having endured a lecture on values or ethics." The National Storytelling Journal

"The other day a friend of mine mentioned dirty socks and I immediately sang the entire verse to 'Black Socks Never Get Dirty.' I hadn't thought about the song in years but suddenly it sprang to my head and I remembered it was part of some compilation that I absolutely loved as a kid. After some consultation with my mother we realized who it was by and I found your website. I am 22 now and the music clips on your website are bringing the whole songs back to me. Thanks for writing such great music that stuck with me all this time." :)~Cristin

"I absolutely love all of your songs, but there is only one that I like the most and that is 'Freedom Bird'. Your friend," Alysha

"Thank you for coming to (my) school. How do you make those noises? I don't think monsters are real. Are they? I liked all of the songs. Did you go to other schools? Your Friend," Bailey

"How did you make your voice like the monster? I want to make my voice like that because I thought I heard him. Your friend," Rachael

"I ordered 'Monsters in the Bathroom' and received it yesterday. I was one of the kids who was in the class Bill played for at Hoxsie School when some of the songs were recorded in 1984 (wow, 20 years!). I never forgot when he was there, or how he made us laugh and laugh when he sang his songs. It was a great experience. Last night, I played the entire CD and I was just cracking up and singing and I couldn't believe how many of the words I actually remembered!
It is strange how things stay with you. I was at work not to long when I began singing 'Black Socks' (I think everyone ran and hid for that matter) and decided I needed to see if there was a website, for I only had a vinyl record I got when we made the recording, which is of course 20 years old. I think I played the heck out of it back then!
I think it is important to let someone know the positive impact they have made on people. So many years later, I still remember what a fun time it was having Bill at our class. I think it is kind of funny when you are still singing the songs, though you haven't heard them in so long, but remembering all the words, expressions, and exclamations Bill used when singing. Not to mention, people don't think 'Black Socks' or 'Freddy the fly eating frog' are real songs, but boy will they have another thing coming when I play them at my desk!! :) Oh, won't the Freedom Bird's 'na na nana nana' drive them crazy!
I am so glad I found the website, bought the CD, and brought back such good memories. It is something I can't wait to share with my kids someday! Thanks again," Christine


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