Sept/Oct 2011

Hi friends


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. Here comes the fall. I am writing this in early September, looking at the list in front of me of all the things I want to get done before I leave for a month. It’s not all happening, for sure.

It’s been a good summer for us. There has been more performing than I’m used to for the season, but incredible trips to North Carolina and the mountain West, with time home with friends and local shows. I almost got a recording done (more below) and made some plans for all the work up ahead in the coming year. Now I’m sad and wistful that summer is over, excited and nervous about the fall, and grateful for the work that I do.

We also got hit by Hurricane Irene. A branch from the willow tree in our backyard (remember the song Moon and Me??) went through the roof and ceiling of my studio. Nothing major – we’re all fine (as opposed to the great damage done to many folks in Vermont and elsewhere) but it took us a week to get the power back and get things cleaned up. And the roof still needs fixing- I’m thinking the shingles I put on there have a limited shelf-life. When our tree guru showed up he said “we need to save this tree, you’ve written songs about this tree!” So, we are going to trim it and feed it and see what happens in the spring....


Above: branch in the roof

Right: Willow tree, missing a branch

High Dive

I almost finished a new recording of stories and songs – enough that I will put out a limited edition for fall performances, but hope to have the whole thing out by the winter. It includes my new opus, High Dive, about a tragic encounter with the public swimming pool and Kristi, the lifeguard of my dreams. You can figure it out from there. Also on it is Field Trip – about the fifth grade trip to the state house, where CHILDREN ARE LEFT BEHIND. If you see me, you can buy it, otherwise, wait a couple of months. The cover art on this was done by my son Dylan!! He’s currently at work on a new version for the official release...can you tell how happy I am about this?!


Writing, Recording, Publishing, Garage Cleaning, Budgeting, Planning, etc


Hmm. I didn’t get much done this summer. Sue me.

A Books A

I did read, though. I like Jose Saramago, the Nobel Prize novelist, and really enjoyed The Double. I also enjoyed the Benjamin Black (really the great writer John Banville) mystery Christine Falls and The Tragedy of Arthur by Arthur Phillips. The last one is a strange book about the novelist (as is his own character) and his father’s leaving him a lost play of Shakespeare about King Arthur. I’ve never read anything like it, which is a recommendation. Plus it includes the whole play, which someone wrote, though probably not Shakespeare. As a storyteller that tells supposedly true stories, I enjoyed it all. I also liked The Muse Learns to Write by Eric Havelock, about the move from orality to literacy - great for a storyteller, And finally, after having had it sit on my bookshelf for over a year, I’m reading The World Without Us by Alan Wiseman about life on earth without humans. If a book can be depressing and reassuring at the same time, this is it – reallllly fascinating.

  Debbie's books  

I’ve just finished two books by Lisa See – Shanghai Girls and Dreams of Joy – both page turners with great characters, a world I knew little about (China, mid 1930’s and mid-late 50’s) and very satisfying endings. Great for the end of summer reading. I’m currently reading Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand and am about to start listening to State of Wonder by Ann Patchett...both of which have been recommended by friends from this mailing list (Thank you!! And feel free to keep recommending:

  Where am I?  

Please check out my calendar and come see me if you are close. Fall travels include Nebraska, Tennessee for the National Storytelling Festival, Frisco, TX for the Lone Star Storytelling Festival, Philadelphia area for the Brandywine Festival and Chicago – I hope to see you!!

Your friend, 

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