"It's Not Fair to Me" Reviews, Interviews and Podcast, 3/2013

It's Not Fair to Me by Bill Harley and Keith Munslow

The reviews are in and they are very funny. Take a look or listen to what people are saying about Bill and Keith's "It's Not Fair to Me".

Sounds Sweet Show podcast, hosted by Groovy David

"...each track in this collaborative album expertly captures the childhood experience." Cherry Blossom Design

"...an album of kid-friendly mirth and mayhem." Family Man Online

"Harley, Munslow Pairing More than Fair" MrJeff2000

"The tracks are fun and comical and such a variety of musical types that it keeps you listening." My Springfield Mommy

"It’s absolutely brilliant stuff." Shakefire

Zooglobble Interview with Bill & Keith

"Filled with humor and a tantalizing variety of genres, 'It’s Not Fair to Me', is a terrific addition to the musical selections for car rides and dancing in the kitchen!" A Nation of Moms

"Both weave fantastic storytelling in to their music effortlessly, with a smart sense of humor that taps in to a child’s logic and way of thinking." Full Of It...