New Bill Harley recording!!!, 11/2017

In 2003 Bill Harley took us on a story and song-filled tour of the Town Around the Bend, a town filled with colorful and oddly named characters who did some very unusual things. Since that recording's release, thousands of children (and their parents) have visited and loved the Town Around the Bend, and so we're happy to announce release of Further Around the Bend: More News from the Town Around the Bend. With stories and songs brimming with charm, humor and wisdom, this recording celebrates the best of who we are and can be and reminds young and old about the power of community.

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Haven't been to the Town Around the Bend before? No problem! Get both CDs today for $25 (a $5 savings!)

"The Town Around the Bend: Bedtime Stories & Songs, by Bill Harley, is a treat, full of delightful, wildly imaginative tales that capture the innocent mischief and wonder of childhood. Harley's yarns exude warmth, wit, and wisdom." Mothering Magazine