Name That Tune! Song Title Contest, Feb 2016

Years ago, we had a song title contest for our newsletter subscribers. WE got a lot of good suggestions, like "Because I Said So" and "Snake Loose in the Classroom". The winner, hands-down (the hands of the officials here at Round River Productions) was "Barbie’s Head is Missing".
So we’re trying it again.
Get together with your posse and send in titles of songs - we’ll choose a winner, and Bill will write the song.
Here are a few guidelines:

  • One word songs (like, "Pizza", or "Toenails") will not do it.
  • And neither will ones we’ve all heard of: "My Dog Ate My Homework". (Bill has already written "My Homework Ate My Dog")
  • Give Bill something to work with - something that immediately conjures up an idea, something that makes you laugh or think or both - maybe something you hear someone say everyday, like "I’m Not Going to Tell You One More Time", or something that combines things you wouldn’t expect, like, "My Grandmother Hunts for Worms". We don’t know. Just something that’s going to make a great song, even before it’s written.
  • Please refrain from gross bodily fluid song titles(ask your parents what that means)

Good luck!
We’ll let you know who wins.
Then Bill will get to work. He promised.

The Official Rules: How to Enter!

  1. Think up a really good song title. And if you think up more than one, send those in too!
  2. Write it down and either have your adult email it to us at or snail mail it to: Round River Productions, Name That Tune!, 301 Jacob St, Seekonk, MA 02771
  3. Also include your name, your age, your email and your phone number.
  4. Make sure you get it to us by March 1, 2016 by midnight. The winner will be announced by March 3rd.

What do you get if you win? Besides getting to say you gave Bill Harley a really good song title? You get a Bill Harley CD of your choice and one of his Tee Shirts (also of your choice).

Let us know if you have any questions: